The basic Open Water Diver course (sometimes referred to as Level 1) is the first level of certification offered by any diving school recognized by the World Recreational SCUBA Training Council (RSTC).

The main characteristics of this ACUC programme are that students who successfully complete the course will be able to dive, without supervision, accompanied by divers of any level, to the maximum allowable depth for Scuba Diving, which is 40 meters (130 feet).

Nevertheless, students are not to exceed the depth of 25 meters (80 feet) until they have gained experience (logged at least 20 dives - 10 hours bottom time - or taken the ACUC Deep Diving Specialty).

Basic Level 1 training inclding use of all gear $450


March - April 2016 Class Schedule

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Followed by four open water checkout dives are completed in the Bay of Fundy near Saint Andrews.



Discover SCUBA Introductory Class  Available Thursday Nights

This one - two hour pool based lesson under the watchful eye of trained ACUC instructors is a great way to learn the basics. Your experience begins with a poolside briefing introducing the basic principles of scuba diving safety.

Then get geared up and its into the water to get used to the unusual feeling of weightlessness and how to manage the equipment. Under careful guidance from your instructor you will gain in confidence as your lesson progresses.

This lesson will serve as an ideal introduction for those wanting to take an ACUC International openwater certification.


Bring a friend or the gang!

These sessions can be arranged to suit a high school club, science or phys-ed class, Scouts, Girl Guides, or any organization. A SCUBA workshop would be a great team building exercise for your office.


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